A new Venture is Formed – Lucid Innovative Technologies

January 14, 2017

Manufacturing Methods and Orthokinetic Technologies ( have combined their respective leading industry positions and formed a new wholly owned subsidiary, Lucid Innovative Technologies ( This new contract manufacturing and distribution company is focusing on the design, prototyping, and production of precision manufactured products for the medical and dental industries. This will include initial and testing of equipment, working with clients providing FDA approval process support, ISO certifications and commercial distribution of medical and dental products. Lucid has established an office in the Town of Leland, NC.

The two principals of this new enterprise are the CEO’s of the two founding companies, Pete Peterson, CEO, Manufacturing Methods and Dr. Lisa Ferrara, CEO, Orthokinetic Technologies. Pete Peterson is a proven, successful local entrepreneur that has lead his advanced manufacturing company and Dr. Ferrara, is an industry recognized expert in medical testing and FDA procedures. Together, they combine their experiences and capabilities in a way that provides a single company that will support its customers from the earliest design phase, through prototyping and development of new and advanced parts, working in established and new metals, and supporting a product life cycle through FDA certification and market testing. This full cycle set of services combine what is often provided by multiple service providers that often lengthen the production cycle, increase costs dramatically and require the management of complex business relationships.

Also joining the company as CEO is John Boos Jr. an experienced sales and marketing executive in the dental and medical devices industry.

There are very few companies in the United States that provide what Lucid can and at present is the only company in North Carolina providing the full range of services. In prototyping Lucid provides rapid creation of mechanical parts (including CAD-M Design), multi-axis CNC machining, swiss turning, procurement advice, component sourcing and mechanical workshop activities, micro-electronics assembly (to include micro devices, flip-chips and bonding), test and measurement, additive manufacturing (rapid prototyping), design history file handling, technical documentation and document management support, mechanical assembly working in a vast range of materials (Nitinol. PEEK, titanium and stainless steel).

In contract manufacturing Lucid offers CNC milling and turning of metal and plastic, metal stamping and forming, plastic injection molding, micro molding and stamping, additive manufacturing/DMLS, automated and manual assembly, FDA certified cleanroom design and assembly, sterile barrier packaging, packaging, labeling, stocking and distribution and inventory management.