Our Valued Partners

Manufacturing Methods has partnered with the following companies to provide specialized products to a variety of industries.


With over 75 years of combined experience, the principals at Lucid Innovative Technologies have been partnering with leaders in the medical, dental and surgical device industry. They bring innovation and world-class quality to design, tooling, prototyping, development and assembly of complex components. Furthermore they work with single-use disposables, surgical and drug delivery devices, instruments, orthopedic and spinal instruments, dental instruments, as well as implants.


OrthoKintetic Testing is a team of highly qualified PhDs and professional engineers with over 25 years of research and testing experience that specialize in mechanical device testing and evaluation.

They are regulatory specialists that strategize the proper pathway for successful FDA and CE submissions, mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineers and material scientists with expertise in conventional and novel materials, failure analyses, particulate generation, and particulate characterization.