Are You Ready for Some Football?

August 13, 2014

That was the question that came from Filmwerks International, a Broadcasting and Media Production company headquartered in Rocky Point, NC, acting on behalf of CBS and the NFL for the Thursday Night Football program. Manufacturing Methods was contacted to provide structural fabrication services and to join the team that was to design, produce and deliver a fully functional, travelling TV stage to support the Thursday Night Football broadcasts. The challenge was to create a one of a kind mobile structure to be used for media events at all Thursday Night Football games, complete with operational hydraulics to allow the stage to open and close for shipping and transportation from city to city, week to week and be equipped with the technology and power sources needed to CBS and NFL specifications. Three weeks later, after the design company chose to drop off the team, Manufacturing Methods stepped forward and assumed the added design requirements of the project as well. It put pressure on what was already a very tight delivery schedule, but Manufacturing Methods understands issues that can create new schedule demands and was committed to delivering on time and to spec what the client wanted and needed in time for the big NFL kickoff Thursday Night season opener.

Working through new challenges and unique designs, Manufacturing Methods made the schedule with a fully functional steel and aluminum collapsible TV stage; complete with signage and logos, roof protection, side panels that collapsed, complete wiring, wheels, and equipped with hydraulics to manage the set-up assembly of the stage and breakdown process for transportation to the next Thursday Night Football venue. The design also needed to consider that stadium sight viewing would not be impaired when the stage was deployed on the sidelines. And to get it on and off the field? Manufacturing Methods created a little tractor that could maneuver the stage around.