Nitinol Manufacturing

A metal alloy of nickel and titanium, Nitinol exhibits the unique properties of shape memory and super-elasticity. Innovations in the manufacturing and processing of Nitinol have led to a great expansion of Nitinol medical devices in a variety of therapeutic areas. Manufacturing Methods has developed numerous proprietary processes to push the envelope of what can be done with Shaping and forming Nitinol.


Wire Processing

Manufacturing Methods engineers continue to develop new capabilities and manufacturing processes specifically designed to produce Nitinol wire components. We utilize conventional fixturing procedures as well as Manufacturing Methods, designed automation processes, to provide high quality precision Nitinol wire products to your exact specifications. 


Flat Stock Forming

We are industry leaders in the forming and shape setting of Nitinol flat stock. Our team of dedicated engineers are tirelessly setting new boundaries in the field of forming Nitinol flat stock.  We work with a wide range of material types, sizes, and thicknesses to provide you with products that exceed your wildest imagination. 


Cutting and Machining

We offer specialized processing of Nitinol. We are capable of micro-machining, machining, burr-free cutting, deburring, laser and water jet cutting, fine blanking, and stamping. Our team of highly trained engineers and processing specialists can help you bring your Nitinol product to market from concept through high volume production. We develop custom fixtures, jigs, and machinery to ensure the highest quality products are delivered timely and on budget.