Teaching Metal to Remember

May 14, 2017

Nitinol, a metal that combines nickel and titanium, is often the choice metal in the production of medical and dental products. When manufactured properly the products produced provide great lasting shape and elasticity. In fact, this metal, when the manufacturing process that deals with precise temperature heating and quenching, gives the metal a memory that allows it to retain its original manufactured state. Working with wire processing, flat stock forming and cutting and machining the potential products for the medical and dental industries as well as other areas are very exciting.

Manufacturing Methods has been working with nitinol for some time. The staff has been learning the art and repeatable manufacturing process that give nitinol its spectacular properties.  This unique capability has already made its way into full production at Manufacturing Methods as a new product for one of its dental products customers. Having learned how these advanced capabilities in the shape-setting of nitinol, Manufacturing Methods stands alone in creating solutions using both wire and flat stock nitinol that the company believes no one else in the industry can match.