VP Nominee Pence Visits Manufacturing Methods

August 14, 2016

As part of his greater Wilmington area campaign stop that included several different locations Vice-Presidential candidate, Mike Pence had asked his staff to include representative businesses that were doing their part to support manufacturing in the U.S. After visiting and speaking at a private event at Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, Pence headed to Manufacturing Methods. Donald Trump’s vice-presidential nominee arrived at the facility off U.S. 74-76 just after 2:00 PM in a small caravan of vehicles consisting of several U.S. Secret Service and other law enforcement vehicles and vans carrying the national media following the Republican candidate.

After touring the facility, meeting with Pete Peterson and the staff, and seeing what was being done in the Leland facility, (now Vice President Pence) told a large crowd assembled there, that he was honored to speak, “At a great North Carolina success story – Manufacturing Methods.”

Pence visited the facility seeing firsthand the work being done and the products produced using advanced computerized CNC machines, following lean manufacturing processes and actively hiring new employees as part of their success and growth.

Brunswick County Commissioner Pat Sykes, in attendance at the event said she felt the rally’s location sent a positive message to Brunswick County. It’s a manufacturing plant and we’re hurting for jobs,” she said. “So basically, to get jobs back in this country, I hope they are visiting plants all over the country.”

Darrell Vickers, the secretary of the Brunswick County Republican Party’s Oak Island branch, was front and center in the crowd. “The bottom line is people should really be concerned about what the platforms are between the two parties. The real platform has to do with manufacturing…We have got to concentrate on policies that will bring jobs back to America.”

Staging the rally in Brunswick County, where he said there is land prime for manufacturing, was a step in the right direction for the campaign.

Where better to start that than at Manufacturing Methods, a Brunswick County manufacturing success story that is growing and adding jobs in the area.