We’re Going to Need a Bigger Building

January 13, 2016

In 2015 the success of Manufacturing Methods business growth had the company’s operation maxed out and working from 22,000 square feet of space located at three different locations in Brunswick County. With manufacturing, fabrication and assembly and, power coating capabilities, managing each project presented challenges to the staff and added time and expense to completing projects. What Manufacturing Methods needed “was a bigger building.” In December, Manufacturing Methods consolidated its machine shop, fabrication facility and powder coating operation into a single 40,000 square foot building in the Leland Industrial Park.

The move allowed Manufacturing Methods to redesign its complete set of capabilities and services for more efficient operations that included advanced lean manufacturing procedures and an ability to handle many more projects than before and to provide all its capabilities and reduce delivery times now with all operations under one roof.

 The added capacity has also allowed Manufacturing Methods to be more than a machine shop and project to project company to include vastly larger advanced precision manufacturing and distribution that now also includes the manufacture and distribution of precision medical and dental products. The addition of new long-term customer relationships as well as the expansion of more business with many of the major companies in the Greater Wilmington area has put Manufacturing Methods on the path to its best operating year ever.

The move also allowed Manufacturing Methods to add water jet capabilities to its broad range of services that it offers. It also allowed for the expansion of its design and early stage prototyping capabilities with 3-D machines.

The move into the new facility marked Manufacturing Methods’ tenth year in operation having had year on year revenue growth and expanding capabilities and increasing customer base. What’s in store for the next decade? More of the same.