Winner Again – CEA 2017

May 14, 2017

Once again Manufacturing Methods has been recognized as the winner in the Manufacturing and Distribution category for the 2017 Wilmington Business Journal Entrepreneur Award Program. Already once recognized in 2011 for this award, when the company was just 5 years old, the 2016 operating year marked the company’s tenth year in operations. In reviewing applications, the selection committee focused on the entrepreneurial activities and accomplishments of the CEO’s of the companies that were submitted for this year’s award, paying attention to the accomplishments for the 2016 year.

In late 2015 a building in the Leland Industrial Park became available. This 40,000-square foot facility provided not only additional capacity but also the ability to bring all of Manufacturing Methods’ machining and fabrication operations under one roof in a redesigned space that could achieve maximum productivity and efficiencies. This was all done while hiring new employees and never shutting down existing operations. In December 2015, in the span of less than 48 hours, the shift from 3 locations in 22,000-square feet to the new location was made and 2015 ended with record revenues and profits.

That set the stage for the next 12 months when the following took place:

  • New advanced Haas CNC machines were bought and added to the floor and went into production where today there are aisle ways full of Haas machines, “all made in the USA,” along with water jet cutting machines, powder coating capabilities, welding and fabrication all working together supporting the company’s continued growth.
  • Manufacturing Methods, working with the Brunswick Community and Cape Fear Community Colleges continued to work with the schools’ machine and welding programs and stands first in line to hire graduates with high paying jobs.
  • Approached by a US based dental distribution company, Manufacturing Methods took over a complete product line and improved the quality of the product, increased the volume of production while reducing the overall net costs to the client. This included producing coated coils through a custom-made machine engineered by the Manufacturing Methods staff and assembled by a firm in the US. Today that product line is 100% manufactured in Leland, NC – stamped “Made in the USA.”
  • Began working in Nitinol (a new metal made from titanium and nickel with memory shape retention capabilities) to perfect the manufacturing process that now sets Manufacturing Methods as an expert in Nitinol manufacturing.
  • Achieved ISO 13485 certification.
  • Working with two partner businesses, Manufacturing Methods established a new contract manufacturing business, Lucid Innovative Technologies (, focused on precision manufacturing of dental and medical products that also offer Nitinol manufacturing capabilities through the Manufacturing Methods facility.
  • After purchasing land adjacent to his company location in Leland, Pete Peterson is planning to build affordable light manufacturing leasable flex space with co-working space and office space offering a menu selection of rentable plans with seminars and education for startups, and industry continuing education and for early stage small businesses in Brunswick County.

So, in its first year of operation in 2016 in the new space in the Leland Industrial Park? Manufacturing Methods closed the last 12 months of 2016 with a record $5M; 100% growth, year on year from the prior year. And now with well over 40 employees; more than 100% growth from the prior year, Manufacturing Methods is poised to end this current year with revenues of $7M and over 50 high paid skilled machinists and employees.

With the main criteria in the selection process for the 2017 Coastal Entrepreneurship Awards being “Entrepreneurship” it was no surprise that Manufacturing Methods was once again the winner in the Manufacturing and Distribution category and only the second two-time winner in the history of the CEA Program.