About Two Words

Manufacturing” and “Methods” – When you hear those words a wide range of images come to mind. Manufacturing, once led by the United States as the world’s number 1 producer of goods to the world, is now found in other countries. Large manufacturing facilities have closed and millions of jobs have been lost. But one company is changing that.

Manufacturing Methods puts the two words together to create a new model for manufacturing in the United States. These two words are not just our company name but how we do business. It starts with having the most advanced computerized machine tooling capabilities and a modern, educated, trained and experienced workforce capable of taking component or assembly plans from concept to full production.

The methods that are put to practice at Manufacturing Methods start with developing a working partner relationship with our clients, ensuring the most precise and cost effective products and being prepared to work with our clients as their needs grow. This is done for each and every need throughout our business relationship regardless of size, complexity, or cost. It’s the manufacturing method way of doing business.

Whatever your manufacturing and fabrication needs may be, wherever you may be in the engineering and the development cycle, whenever you have a need in machine tooling and fabrication from prototype to finished product, think Manufacturing Methods.

Manufacturing Methods’ diverse skill set makes us your supplier of choice.

As a fabrication and assembly facility, we have the resources to perform large-scale projects and assemblies. We’re capable of producing a broad range of parts from handheld sizes to parts that weigh several tons. We are a virtual factory-for-hire at your service as an extension of your company, offering the manufacturing expertise you need.

Our skills as tool and die designers make us the total tooling solutions provider in the region. From concept to completion, our team works closely with you to find the solutions you need, then we deliver our jobs on time, every time.

Lean practices and experienced engineers at Manufacturing Methods gives us the know-how and experience to put the complex assembly and manufacturing puzzle together from ordering materials to final assembly. That means you get the most competitive pricing and a team that will meet your tight delivery schedules.