Industrial & Marine Fabrication

We are a virtual one-stop-shop for your complex metal fabrication requirements. Producing complex metal fabrications in our high-bay facility or large-scale projects on site.  


Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Manufacturing Methods is rapidly adding a broad range of metal fabrication capabilities to our manufacturing expertise. Our fabrication capabilities include MIG welding, TIG welding, orbital welding, high tonnage breaks/cutters, water-jet cutting, plasma cutting, and powder coating.

We can produce complex metal fabrications to customer provided drawings or use a customer provided simple concept drawing to create complicated CAD drawing packages. Most of the fabrications we produce for our customers can be completed in our large 40,000 sq. ft. high bay facility. But we also have the capacity to perform large-scale projects on-site requiring the use of structural erection cranes and our own welding fabricators.


Industrial & Marine Capabilities

Our industrial applications for metal fabrication cover a wide range of sizes – from a small metal shaped machine cover to a huge architectural metal structure. Our process typically involves purchasing large sheets of metal, water-jet cutting design shapes from the metal sheet, bending and shaping the metal sheets into the required form, welding together the shapes, preparing the metal surfaces for finishing, and then applying a protective powder coating to the final product. We are a virtual one-stop-shop for your complex metal fabrication requirements.

Projects that we have completed in this area include:

  • Mobile stage used at NFL football games
  • Concert band shell for the downtown Wilmington waterfront>
  • Structural support beams for large residential mansions
  • Custom metal cabinetry


Marine Applications

Our marine applications for metal fabrication are also wide ranging in size and type.

Some of our marine fabrication projects include:

  • Dry stack boat storage racks
  • Marine hand rails and ramps
  • Dock repair
  • T-Tops for fishing boats
  • Tow bars
  • Leaning posts
  • Many more marine applications…


For all of your metal fabrication needs, call us today at Manufacturing Methods to get a quote on your special project!