CNC Machining

We are the best equipped CNC machining facility in the Mid-Atlantic coast. Our innovative machining methods enable us to produce top-quality components with industry-leading turnaround times. 


CNC Machining Capabilities

Manufacturing Methods has established its presence as the best equipped CNC machining facility on the Mid-Atlantic coast. We have a very wide range of programmable CNC machines with varying capabilities in machining speeds, multi-axis operation, multiple tool handling, and state-of-the-art precision machining. Our innovative machining methods enable us to produce top-quality components from an array of exotic plastics and metals with industry-leading turnaround times. We proudly serve customers in a variety of industries, including communications, nuclear, machine design, industrial, automotive, marine, construction, film companies, sports applications, and many others. Manufacturing Methods equipment capabilities include CNC mills, CNC lathes, EDM machining, heat treating, and anodizing. Our engineering department uses the latest in solid modeling, rendering, and animation to produce accurate designs and drawings of your critical components.


Quality Control

Manufacturing Methods mission is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for quality. We believe excellence in quality starts with a commitment to fully understand our customers’ requirements and needs. We use the latest in measurement technology, including CMM equipment, to verify the accuracy of the CNC machined components that we manufacture. Our customers know what makes us successful: Precision machining, cost competitive pricing, and absolute customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to offering the solutions that provide our clients with quality machined components that meet their exact specifications.


Complex Component Assemblies

In addition to our manufacture of individual CNC machined components, we offer our customers the full service capability of assembling components into a final assembly design that meets their specifications. We have virtually built complete machines assembled from a combination of parts we produced and additional parts purchased per the customer supplied drawings. The customer receives a fully completed product saving costly labor, project delays, and unnecessary overhead costs. We use the latest in Lean Manufacturing practices to streamline our processes and improve lead times. And best of all, you can advertise that your products are “Made in the USA!”