Industrial Services

Our precision hose assembly, gasket fabrication and water jet capabilities, paired with unparalleled fast customer service make us a go-to solution for industrial service needs.


Hose Assembly

Most hoses are in-house stocked inventory. If not, we can easily order them. We custom design hoses to properly fit a specified length and equip them with the fittings necessary to complete any job.


Gasket Fabrication

We keep most standard gasket materials in-house and can easily order any custom material to meet your specific needs. We cut our gaskets to your desired specifications and utilize waterjet technology to provide precision and fast service.



We are fully equipped to offer our customers the best in precision cutting with Waterjet services. Waterjet utilizes a high pressure stream of water to erode a narrow line in the stock material. To cut a wider range of materials, a granular abrasive is added to the waterjet which increases the cutting power. This flexibility allows you to easily switch from cutting 1/2” foam gaskets to 4” titanium brackets.

Waterjet is used on:

  • Carbon Fiber    
  • Plastic      
  • Carbon Steel      
  • Stainless Steel    
  • Hardened Tool Steel
  • Aluminum      
  • Titanium      
  • Acrylic    
  • Copper      
  • Brass    
  • Glass      
  • Stone      
  • Concrete      
  • Ceramics    
  • Rubber & Much More!


Commitment to Customer Service

Manufacturing Methods is staffed with a well-trained sales team that can help you with any inquiry related to your industrial service needs. We are always happy to consult with our customers to pinpoint how our products and services can be most effectively utilized. We also o er an on-site visitation service. We understand getting your machine up and running again is imperative and will come to your site to examine the problem and help identify the best solution.