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  • Cucalorus Connect

    November 14, 2017

    In support of one of its strategic partners, Lucid Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Methods made a presentation as part of this years Cucalorus Connect Festival that featured various digital tracks that included Digital Industrial which focused on modern precision manufacturing and working in smart metals. The session entitled, Giving New Life and Memory to Metal presented the capabilities of Lucid Innovative Technologies and the amazing properties of Nitinol (the nickel and Titanium alloy). Manufacturing Methods is Lucid’s manufacturing parts supplier. A highlight of the session was a video demonstration of the memory capabilities of trained nickel wire and then the…

  • Manufacturing Methods – Now Registered

    September 14, 2017

    Eleven years ago, from a small startup location, the Manufacturing Methods Open for Business sign went up. The name would prove to be instrumental in the growth and success of the company. It was a “manufacturing” facility that over time has grown and expanded adding a full range of services and equipment that now occupies its 40,000-square foot location in the Leland Industrial Park. As new customers were added additional machines and a growing team of expert machinists were added. New “methods” like the application of lean manufacturing processes and working in new and exciting metals, like Nitinol, were all…

  • Winner Again – CEA 2017

    May 14, 2017

    Once again Manufacturing Methods has been recognized as the winner in the Manufacturing and Distribution category for the 2017 Wilmington Business Journal Entrepreneur Award Program. Already once recognized in 2011 for this award, when the company was just 5 years old, the 2016 operating year marked the company’s tenth year in operations. In reviewing applications, the selection committee focused on the entrepreneurial activities and accomplishments of the CEO’s of the companies that were submitted for this year’s award, paying attention to the accomplishments for the 2016 year. In late 2015 a building in the Leland Industrial Park became available. This…

  • Teaching Metal to Remember

    May 14, 2017

    Nitinol, a metal that combines nickel and titanium, is often the choice metal in the production of medical and dental products. When manufactured properly the products produced provide great lasting shape and elasticity. In fact, this metal, when the manufacturing process that deals with precise temperature heating and quenching, gives the metal a memory that allows it to retain its original manufactured state. Working with wire processing, flat stock forming and cutting and machining the potential products for the medical and dental industries as well as other areas are very exciting. Manufacturing Methods has been working with nitinol for some…

  • A new Venture is Formed – Lucid Innovative Technologies

    January 14, 2017

    Manufacturing Methods and Orthokinetic Technologies ( have combined their respective leading industry positions and formed a new wholly owned subsidiary, Lucid Innovative Technologies ( This new contract manufacturing and distribution company is focusing on the design, prototyping, and production of precision manufactured products for the medical and dental industries. This will include initial and testing of equipment, working with clients providing FDA approval process support, ISO certifications and commercial distribution of medical and dental products. Lucid has established an office in the Town of Leland, NC. The two principals of this new enterprise are the CEO’s of the two founding…

  • VP Nominee Pence Visits Manufacturing Methods

    August 14, 2016

    As part of his greater Wilmington area campaign stop that included several different locations Vice-Presidential candidate, Mike Pence had asked his staff to include representative businesses that were doing their part to support manufacturing in the U.S. After visiting and speaking at a private event at Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, Pence headed to Manufacturing Methods. Donald Trump’s vice-presidential nominee arrived at the facility off U.S. 74-76 just after 2:00 PM in a small caravan of vehicles consisting of several U.S. Secret Service and other law enforcement vehicles and vans carrying the national media following the Republican candidate. After touring the…

  • InnovateNC Tour Looks at Economic Development Resources in Area

    April 13, 2016

    A large group of representatives from around the state got behind the scenes in Wilmington area business community to see what resources are available in the area to spur innovation. The event, the first in InnovateNC: A cross-city Learning Collaborative, involved representatives from five metropolitan areas in the state selected to take part in the state’s new InnovateNC initiative. The economic development initiative is designed to help these communities brainstorm, collaborate and find viable paths to economic growth, according to Gary Vidmar, Town of Leland’s economic and community development director. After visiting and hearing from Cape Fear Community College and…

  • We’re Going to Need a Bigger Building

    January 13, 2016

    In 2015 the success of Manufacturing Methods business growth had the company’s operation maxed out and working from 22,000 square feet of space located at three different locations in Brunswick County. With manufacturing, fabrication and assembly and, power coating capabilities, managing each project presented challenges to the staff and added time and expense to completing projects. What Manufacturing Methods needed “was a bigger building.” In December, Manufacturing Methods consolidated its machine shop, fabrication facility and powder coating operation into a single 40,000 square foot building in the Leland Industrial Park. The move allowed Manufacturing Methods to redesign its complete set…

  • Entrepreneurs – Streamlining and getting lean

    July 13, 2013

    Manufacturing Methods, founded in 2006 by Pete Peterson and Matt Gunning started out as a tool and die and mold maker, turning out parts for local customers. The business grew. By 2011, Manufacturing Methods was designing, manufacturing and assembling components for customers in the power, communications, medical/dental, marine and industrial automation industries. It was filling orders from customers in many states. “After the first couple of years, we realized our potential and expanded our mindset,” Peterson said. By being open to new ideas and seizing opportunities, Manufacturing Methods maintained healthy growth, grew to occupy three buildings and netted $4M in…

  • Strike Up the Band

    September 13, 2015

    When Pier 33 needed a stage and band shell to support their Wilmington events along the Cape Fear River and adjacent to the Wilmington Convention Center, Coastal Construction made a call to Manufacturing Methods to support this project. Acting as the designer, developer and contractor, Manufacturing Methods embarked on a large-scale fabrication project that included steel structures and beams, an open-air roof and platform concert stage. Once designed and all the pieces were created they were transported across the river by barge where Manufacturing Methods employees assembled the finished band pavilion, utilizing cranes and providing on site welding services as…